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Yes that's right, the Final book of Everneath Trilogy was recently revieled....
Warning, if you don't want to know yet don't read this Journal~
Now according to: Goodreads…
which I have found is a mostly reliable source, Brodi Ashton has named her new book.... *Drumroll please!*
However, I have failed to see this evidence on to many other sights. Thus I am uncertain if the source is currently reliable or not.
According to this site the third and final installment to the Everneath trilogy should be released sometime around January 2014. Though once again, I have not much proof that this is in deed what's occurring.
Though looking at the previous books:
Everneath released January 24, 2012 (though Barnes & Nobel and Amazon claim for some unknown reason that it was released December 26, 2012 I know this to be false since it was about a year ago today that I bought the first book to this incredible series)
Everbound released January 22, 2013
Thus Evertrue if the name and possible release time is correct, should be released somewhere between or around Tuesday January 21, 2014 (seeing as the previous two were released on the same Tuesday the fourth Tuesday of the month)
Now back to news on Everneath Trilogy group.
I apologize ahead of time to everyone, I currently have been working my ass off between helping my mother who had cornia transplant (before any of you worry her eye surgery was successful "ran smoothly" everythings good, and it is her second time getting it, her last ones lasted her about forty years which was rare and almost unheard of for when she got them. So since tech is so much better it should be lasting her, her whole life, next year she gets the other eye) Also school, homework, and work (which we had five people leave recently and are in the process of hiring a whole lot more for summer) With all that said life has been sorta crazy though I've wanted to update long ago with a whole discussion about the second book and things that happened, and after waiting an extensive time so I did not ruin anyones read of the book. I decided it's finally time I update, though I don't know when I might post this discussion.
Also I'm thinking of hosting a contest, though I'd need contributers, and ideas on what this groups 1ST contest should be.
Besides that I hope everyone has a great day and enjoy.
Oh also before I go I wanted to mention I'm in the process of looking for a Co-founder to help me out from time to time. If you are interested shoot me a message AND I'll hook you up with the group. I just need someone who might beable to run things while my life is busy and stuff in the case that news about Everneath third book comes up, anything on Brodi's upcoming books, or even the rumors I've heard of possible movie (I have not discussed this, because till it's confirmed I think it is best to keep from getting excited about only to be disappointed.
*If the possible release date of Evertrue is correct then we have only 269 days until it's release...
Till then catch you later aligators... Till next time :) Good night, adu!
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